Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It was a few days before Raina could get things worked out to go see Alise. Erik had been able to get a room at the tavern since most of the wedding guests had left right away and they had spent some time catching up and getting to know one another again. Raina had explained to Erik how she came to stay at the tavern, and told him about Alise and Stoney, that she had been dead, about Jean-Marc and her trip to the other side. She explained that now, even though they seemed to be complete opposites at times, they were very close friends and she had promised to stay until the babies came. Which meant she would stay through the winter anyway, she didnt like riding the bike when it was cold. But now that her and Erik had found each other, she wasnt sure what to do next. And there was Nick now too...

Mortuis had changed the wards so that Raina and Erik could ride almost right up to the cottage. Killing the engine and letting Panther go, Raina stands and stretches while Erik climbs off and lets Tiger go.

Raina looks up when she hears laughter and sees Alise and Star coming towards them on the path that leads to the cemetery. Panther takes off at a run before Raina can stop her. She follows, “Damn it Panther, behave, dont knock anyone down.”

Erik watches as Raina hurries after Panther. He is content for the moment to just watch as Panther pushes her face against Alise, rubbing and purring. The black cat then turns her attention to Star, pushing harder, wanting to play, not listening to Raina who is trying to make her stop. Finally Panther succeeds in knocking Star gently to the ground where she sticks her whiskers in Stars face causing a peal of infectious giggles. But more normal sounding laughter than I have heard before. I wonder how hard it is for her not to talk to people?

Raina tries to help Star up but Panther knocks her to the ground much harder, use to playing rough with her mistress. Getting Panther under some semblance of control, she takes Stars hand and leads her over to the bench Erik had found to sit on. Tiger is sitting next to him on the ground, a huge Bengal tiger and easily twice the size of Panther. Star glances at Erik and lowers her head, but when Tiger comes to sniff he rubs against her cheek and Erik has a glimpse of a happy smile and the word "Tiger" coming from her lips.

Alise joins them on the bench, watching Star play with the cats. Raina asks “Has she said anything else? Does she talk to you ever?”

“Just a few words, nothing much. She comes when Rowan does and she seems happy here. Stoney thought I should ask her if she would like to be the nanny for our children. Sometimes she looks so sad though, I wish I knew what to say to her. She is so sweet, I cant imagine why anyone would have hurt her. But I think it is something else that makes her sad.”

Raina nods her head, “I think so too, but until she talks to one of us, we arent going to find out. She is half fae so who knows even how old she really is?” As she leans towards her brother to say something, she notices the look on his face as he watches Star with the cats. Oh Gods, can any good come of this? He looks absolutely enchanted, like someone has put a spell on him....How is this ever going to work out? The big battle scarred Viking and this tiny slip of a girl who rarely speaks?

The cats decide to run, and Star walks to where Alise is sitting. Erik watches as Star turns her attention from Alise to him. Her eyes turning from grey-blue to yellow with curiousity, she tilts her head and points at him, a questioning look on her face. Erik is positive that its the tattoo on his chest that has got her attention, but wonders if he plays dumb can he get her to talk to him....

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