Sunday, January 23, 2011

Her eyes serious and her voice barely above a whisper she tells Keon, “I have”

Turning to Erik she tells him “We cc..can go get them, if you wwwant to... the cabin...”

At this point Raina sits down, “Are you sure you want to do this? What if it means you have to accuse them in person or identify them?”

Star's eyes open wide and turn red. She had seen them in her nightmares for a long time, but never thought of the possibility of having to see the red headed fae or that human again in person. She lowers her head for a moment and then looks to Erik, “I can this if you are with me...” and she looks to Raina, “And you too..”

Wrapping her arms around Star, Raina tells her, “If it comes to that of course we will be there. Neither one of us would let you go through this alone.”

Erik nods and pulls Star close, resting his cheek on the top of her head. Looking at Keon he asks “Would that be necessary? She has been through enough...”

Nodding Keon tells them it is a possibility but one he would try to avoid. “A truth spell would help in convicting them and it may be they are still bragging and will simply hang themselves with their loose tongues.” Noticing the haunted look on Stars face at the thought of seeing her attackers again, Keon tells her gently, “Lass, I will do my best to see that you dont have to face them again.”

“Thank you.” and Star moves to stand, taking Eriks hand she says, “Lets gg...go get the pictures...”

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