Monday, January 24, 2011

Cassie joins her shifter friends at a table near the band. Ron is there and she goes to him giving him a hug. “How are you doing? Its good to see you.”

“All right”, he says, returning the hug. “Its still hard, but... getting better.” and he touches the necklace that he never takes off. “Here, sit” and Ron pulls a chair over for Cassie. “You know, the girls here are going to be jealous. Those guys, the riders, at the end of the table are staring at you. Some of the girls have been trying to get their attention all night.”

Cassie laughs, “It's just the blue skin that they are staring at, I doubt if those girls have anything to worry about.”

“Girl, I dont know about that. It's the blue skin, the way you move, the nipple rings you can see through your shirt...” Ron and Cassie have been friends a long time and the teasing is friendly.

Laughing, Cassie takes his hand and pulls him out of his seat, “Come dance with me and I'll shake my rings for ya..”

“Promises, promises, but I'll dance with you anyway...”

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