Monday, January 3, 2011

Alise smiles, her eyes full of wonder. “You will be able to hear them? Really?” She feels the babies with her mind and Stoneys, marveling at their awareness. “They always quiet for you. They must love you too, as I do.”

“Chiot, I promise to do as I am told. To be honest that farm is the last place on earth I want to go. But I feel that I have to. And that there is one I need to talk to before Jack sends her on, if she is still there. She will not hurt me, none of the ghosts will. Rowan will keep me safe, and you and Raina, I am not worried about that.”

Alise shivers, “Maybe we should go home, its getting cooler at night now, or maybe too cool to be naked outside”, she laughs. “It is so beautiful here though.” She rises reluctantly and finds her clothes, knowing Stoney never takes his eyes off her as she slowly dresses.

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