Friday, January 7, 2011

Alise runs a hand slowly and gently down the side of a stone wing, marveling at the detail and beauty of the carving. Stoney joins her and wraps an arm around her waist as she leans her head against him. “It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. When did you do this? I never knew about it.... We will have to find a spot for it at home where the little ones cant get near it.” She laughs quietly, “I cant believe how kind and generous everyone has been. This and the cradles Tori gave us for the babies, the cottage.....” her voice trails off, Alise struggling not to start crying again. “I need to stop crying or people will think I am unhappy when in fact I am the happiest woman in the world right now.” Giving Stoney a wicked little grin , “And I intend to show you later just how happy I am...”

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