Thursday, October 15, 2015

The sun is just cresting the horizon when Marc finishes packing. He travels light, like most soldiers, so it's just what's on his back, his weapons, and a change of clothes. He's given some serious thought to renting a storage locker so he can leave some clothes stashed here for when he can make it into Exton.

He turns to Rowan. "I have to go."

She stands and moves into his arms. "You take care of yourself out there."

"Hey, this is Exton... you're in about as much danger living here as I am fighting over there."

"Come back when you can." Rowan's trying hard to keep her features steady, but it's a losing battle.

"After last night?" He grins wickedly. "Every chance I get...." He kisses her, her lips sweet as the taste of life. "You take care of yourself... and you remember what I said - I won't love you any the less."

He turns and he's out the door and on the road before the impact of his words blasts through Rowan's brain like a thunderclap.

Goddess... he loves me?

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