Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rowan stands slowly and pulls her shirt off as she does. Marcs eyes never leave hers and she sees the heat in his. His eyes widen slightly as she reaches up and pulls out the band holding her ponytail in place. She shakes out her hair, a mass of dark copper comes tumbling over her shoulders like a waterfall.

Marc reaches out and growls, “Come here, woman.”

Rowan shakes her head and backs up a step. With a slow smile she starts to unzip her pants. “I thought you wanted my clothes off...”

Slowly the pants are pushed down, first revealing a taut stomach, and a small jewel in her navel. The soft curve a pale hip has Marc reaching again.

Rowan grins as she moves the pants lower, bending forward and letting her hair fall forward, obstructing Marcs view as she steps out of her jeans. Her body is revealed to him as she stands, a naked pagan goddess in the firelight, the jewel in her navel and the necklace Marc had given her twinkling, teasing him to come closer.

“This is what I will remember when I am gone, this goddess that permits a poor, undeserving soul like myself to even be in her presence..” Marcs voice is deep and raspy.

“I am hardly a goddess...”

Marc reaches out, “Yes, you are. Come here.....”

Rowan steps closer and takes the outstretched hand. Marc smiles as he stands, “Sit here, on the edge of the bed...”

She sits and watches as Marc hurriedly removes his clothes and tosses them in a pile, his desire for her very apparent. She grins at the sight of his erection and Marc grins noticing her expression.

He moves to her and gently pushes her back, “Lay down...” and he kneels between her knees. He can feel her tremble slightly at his touch on the insides of her knees. She starts to shake when his lips replace the soft touch of his fingers He slowly works his way up,nipping in between soft kisses, smiling at the desire he feels building in both of them.

He gently pushes her legs apart and whispers, “Spread your legs for me, I want to see all of you....”

Rowan complies and her back arches and she gasps as she feels his tongue on her tender flesh. Marc licks slowly, her clit hard, her entire body trembling. He slips a finger into her dripping pussy and groans as Rowan clamps down on him and bucks against his hand, wanting more.

Marc moves, his tongue leaving her sex, and goes back to a slim thigh. Rowan groans, clearly wanting more. Marc nods his head towards the top of the bed, “Scoot up...”

He takes a seat at the foot of the bed and Rowan moves her body up in the bed. He can see her glistening wet lips as she moves and forces himself to stay where he is.

“I want you to show me what you will do when I am gone. Pleasure yourself for me, Goddess, let me watch...”

Rowan hesitates, not sure if he is serious or teasing her. Her thoughts swirl until she realizes he did want her, he did find her beautiful and wanted to share this experience, something he had guessed she probably had never done before.

Rowan looks up between the hair that had fallen over her face and smiles softly. She slowly spreads her legs, watching Marcs reaction, noticing the tightening of his jaw, the slight tremble in his hands resting on the bed. Her hands trail over her belly and up to her breasts, pinching the nipples, making them hard. She lets one hand move lower, touching her hard clit and her legs spread wider, making Marc gasp quietly. Her other hand lowers and she spreads her lips,and Marc sees it all as she lets a finger slide inside. Her hips start to move slowly and she can feel Marc grab the sheets making fists so as not to grab her. Her finger slips out, wet and hot and moves to her clit, slipping back and forth over the hard nub. Her legs go even wider as her finger starts to move faster and she moans loudly as she starts to finger fuck herself. Marc moves up in the bed but Rowan barely notices. Her fingers move again, slipping out and over her clit, the sensation intense, made even more so by Marc watching, his cock huge and throbbing. Rowan starts to moan, close to losing control and Marc positions himself over her.

“Dont stop..."

As Rowan strokes herself Marc lets the head of his cock barely touch her wet entrance. Rowan moans as he lets the head move inside her. Holding himself up he continues to watch, his gaze shifting between her hands at her sex and her face, loving the expression there.

“Dont stop, tell me when you are close, so close you cant stand any more...” and he pushes a little further inside, groaning at the feel of her, hot, soaking wet, and tight.

Suddenly Rowan starts to shake and her moans change to gasps.“Marc...please...please.. “

Marc slams into her as she starts to climax. Her pussy grabs hard and Marc thrusts fast. After a few strokes he feels Rowan let go, her scream one of pure ecstasy. He groans as his cock is drenched with her juices, and lets go, filling her, thrust after thrust.

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