Sunday, January 23, 2011

The wine twirls in the glass. Keon's dark eyes meet Erik's intense gaze.

"You do not trust us, do you Warrior?"

Before Erik can respond, Keon waves his hand.

"No... say nothing, Sir. I know few who do. We speak in riddles, twist words, bend the truth to fit our interpretation."

Leaning forward, Keon sets his glass carefully on the table and leans forward. He tosses his hair back over shoulder in a graceful move. Keon leans on his arms, staring into Erik's eyes.

"I offer no Bargain. I offer to hunt these dogs down. I will use whatever method I deem necessary. What they did breaks every law we hold. Sex between Fae can be brutal, oftimes bordering on sadistic. But it is always consensual. This was not. Plain and simple, it was rape. Star is Fae, but she lives here..." A finger jabs the table top. "in the Human world. That also makes it an interaction crime."

His anger seems to snap in the quiet room. Power builds, his eyes seeming more Hound than Hunter. Guunnar touches Keon's shoulder, muttering "Ke...." The soft touch seems to make Keon remember himself. Closing his eyes, Keon breathes deep. The power drops a level.

"No Bargain unless Star wants one. I am not asking for anything from her, except the images, if she can."

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