Sunday, January 23, 2011

There is a delicate cough and Erik and Star break apart, almost guiltily. Star drifts behind Erik, almost imperceptibly. Her head ducks, fair hair shifting forward, almost hiding the crimson staining of her cheeks. Looking up through a veil of hair, her eyes shift to brown, taking in first Keon, then Guunnar standing just behind him. Erik shifts slightly, becoming more solidly between the Riders and Star.

"Allow me to introduce my companion and myself." Erik's eyes narrow, Keon smiles, knowing Erik is calculating his odds. "I am Keon Blackthorn, Rider of The Hunt, a Lord of the Dark Path, ex-Minstral for Queen Mab. This is Guunnar Nordstrom, Rider of The Hunt, friend to Raina and Nicholas. Could we beg a moment of your time?"

Guunnar smiles at the young Fae. It is a jolly look, eyes twinkling, as if he knows a secret too good not to share. He winks at her over Keon's shoulder, looking up at the ceiling as Keon glances back. When Keon turns back to the couple, Guunnar opens his eyes innocently at Star, pressing his lips together to hide a grin. He raises a peace sign behind Keon's head and Star's eyes turn bright yellow. She covers her mouth stifling a loud giggle. Startled, Erik looks at her and she points at Guunnar.

Guunnar bats his eyes. "Vat? Honest Keon, I chust tell her ve come in peace...."

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