Monday, January 24, 2011

Teeth scrape, making Pandora shudder. A soft whimper escapes her lips, bringing a moan from deep inside his chest. His hands slide up her hips, over her rounded belly, caressing the heavy weight of her breasts. His hips slowly rock, the pressure on his shaft exquisite. Ob arcs his back, thrusting deeper very slowly. Pandora shudders, grinding on his throbbing length. Ob's hands tighten, bringing a cry of pain and pleasure from his woman.

Ob licks slowly over her nipples, lapping up the wetness his squeezing caused. Slow tortuous licks soon have Pandora grinding on his cock. His nails scrape over her sides and belly as Ob suckles. Pandora winces with the deeper thrusts and Ob kisses his way up her throat.

"On your side, mi amor. Let me fill you in a way it won't hurt." Pandora sighs as he slowly presses into her wet depths. His own moan plays over her neck as he kisses each bit showing through her long locks. Nuzzling her ear, he whispers his love. Deft fingers tease and caress between her thighs, flicking, rubbing, grinding her nub until she begs him to bring her off.

His hand grips her hair, bringing back her head as he thrusts harder, rolling her over. He guides her to her knees and thrusts harder. Pandora is soon bucking back into each thrust. There is pain in his neck as he tries to control his instincts.

"Cum Bruha... cum for me..."

His breath escapes in pants, his control almost gone. Pandora pushes up, lifting hard against him and growls. The growl grows as her muscles tighten around him and soon she is grinding hard, screaming as she explodes around him.

Ob shudders and groans into her hair as he jets deep. Each splash of his seed triggers another quake, and soon Pandora is limp in his arms.

Smiling, Ob shifts her to a semblance of comfort, cuddling her against his chest.

"Merde, you will drain the life from me, Mujer."

His eyes close, taking in the fresh scent of Pandora and the heady musk of great sex. He dozes, content.

There is a tapping on the balcony door. Miko buzzes loud for their attention.
"Company is coming, Amigo! Ike says family on way!"

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