Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stoney watches as the Tiger disappears out the back. Soon after the Wolf, Marc, and the Cougar follow. He kisses the top of Alise' head, stroking his fingers through her hair.

"Mon Chaton, you did a good thing. The fox, he has his friends. The boys are out with him now."

His mind drifts over the years of traveling with Ob. Playing a bar here and there, sometimes performing songs on a street corner for money. he thinks of the creatures he has met over the decades. Some were fantastic, strange, beings. Some were little more than enhanced humans. Chasing down and ridding the world of evil, saving those they could.

He kept his mind busy, his body exhausted. Drowning his memories, hiding his pain behind a grim countenance. Yet she was always there, his Alli, his joy. He knew she was not with Jean-Marc. He would have taunted Stoney with that fact.

He kept alive the hope of finding her. At least, until the day he realized a century had passed, and she would no longer be among the living.  Then he sought knowledge of her passing. A vain effort that was.

Stoney lets Alise see his thoughts, lets her feel the shock he felt when he realized just who she was. He is as surprised at the jab of jealousy he felt when Ob had teased her, as she is at his revelations. The jealousy was gone now, but that small thought jars him.

He buries his face in her hair, breathing deep. Her scent enveloped him. A calmness settles in his heart and he tilts her face up for a kiss. Stoney murmurs against her lips.

"What was is gone, all that matters is now, you, me, and the bebes."

He kisses her gently, showing her just how much he loves her. His lips barely leave hers, dancing against her own as he speaks.

"How soon will you marry me?"

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