Monday, January 3, 2011

Stoney touches Alise' mind. He shows her an image of Ron, the werefox. He feels the fear that permeates the basement walls. Something calls, pulling at him, and he begins to pace around the circle. He stops in front of a cell and breathes deep. He shakes his head sadly and softly asks.

"We are here to help them move on, Grandmother. Do you wish to go first?"

An old woman shuffles out of the cell. Her hair is matted with blood, and she looks worn. Her hand passes through him as she reaches out to touch.  Another woman, much younger, dressed as a college student, steps out behind her.

"My Grandmother doesn't speak. It made him angry. But he kept her alive. At least until I betrayed him."

She looks at Alise. "I tried to help you. I don't know if you remember me. When he found out, he killed me. This is all my fault. I brought him home. He told me he loved me..." She looks back at Stoney. "I didn't know what he was."

One word slips from the old woman's lips. "Gargouille." She turns and looks at her grandaughter, pointing to a pile of rubble in a corner of the basement. Tears slip down her transparent cheeks. "Mon Gargouille..."

The girl's eyes widen. She looks back at Stoney. "Grandmother's handyman Gar was a gargoyle. I thought he took off."

The old woman moved to the rubble and stroked her hand through the stone. The Gargoyle's spirit was long gone. The old woman walked back and stood before Jack. "Au voir, oui?"

She reaches back and takes her granddaughter's hand, pulling her in front of Jack. The girls nods, looking back at Alise.

"Thank you for coming back for us."

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