Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stoney jerks awake, rising from his rest still granite. There is a sense of panic and his first thought is of Alise. He roars her name, his thoughts seeking hers.

There is a rush of feet and and quick mental reassurances. Not her, not the bebe's... Then who? he touches Ike, but she is still stone, fighting to turn to flesh. Tori opens to him, letting him see the latest family occurrence.

Stoney looks down at Alise's worried face, eyes wide in shock.

"Mon Dieu! Ob c'est maintenant une repli essoufflé Dragon!"

He opens his thoughts to Alise, showing her the majestic ebony scaled creature his brother had become. As they watched with Tori's eyes, Ob turned about, inviting Pandora to mount his back. The ridges running down his back matched horns twisting backwards from his brow. The colors danced, gleaming gemstone bright.

"He's a Dragon..."

It is only after the first wave of disbelief passes that Stoney realizes Alise is not alone. His manners slip into place as the pale haired woman is unknown to him.

"Hello Rowan, Child of the Goddess. Sweet Blessings on this day." He smiles, lips pressed to hide his large canines. "And Greetings and Salutations to you Fair One. Forgive this Old Dog for his outburst."

His mind caresses Alise' as he draws her close, resting his great paw over her belly. "You are radiant this day Mon Chaton. Our bebes, they grow quickly." He laughs as someone bumps hard against his stone palm, quickly followed by another bump on the opposite side. "Now, now, little ones... you will only hurt yourselves doing that. Pa'pan is still stone. Be good to your Mama. Do not kick her so hard."

He strokes her belly, then kisses the top of her head.

"Excuse me, I must... change."

Stoney disappears inside the bedroom, only to emerge moments later. His long black hair is tied back into a quick tail and he is tugging a t-shirt down over the top of his jeans. He pads barefoot to Alise and gathers her close, wrapping his arms around her to stroke the swell of her stomach.

"Mon Chaton. Use my shirts for now? They will be long enough to be dresses for you... short dresses, but dresses." When she raises an eyebrow at him, he grins, letting her feel his teasing. He shows no embarrassment at all as he winks at Rowan. "But mon amour... I like you in my clothes..."

"Come, sit down ladies. I am sorry about earlier." Stoney sighs. "Family drama. My brother is NOW a Dragon."

At Star's look of confusion, Stoney gives her his shy smile. "I have a complicated family, Miss."

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