Monday, January 3, 2011

Stoney feels Alise stir and urges her to roll onto her stomach. He settles her more comfortably, supporting her head and belly. Her sleepy smile is endearing and he can't resist stroking his fingers through the soft fall of her hair, easing it from her back.

Panther shifts back when he is done fussing. The look she gives is much like Ike's "enough already" eye roll.  Stoney reaches over and rubs the cat gently.

"I know, mon ami. I am pitiful, non? She is so fragile, yet so fierce. She is my heart."

Alise sighs and drifts back to sleep. He caresses her mind, letting her feel how content he is, how much he loves her and their little ones. Stoney looks up as Rowan enters the room.

"Is this better?" he strokes Alise' hair. "I do not need to sleep for a while. I will monitor her as you administer to her back, oui?" He looks over the scars with a critical eye. "Why does her hip not heal, Rowan? I can't feel anything in it, no spell tainting the wound."

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