Monday, January 24, 2011

Star melts into Eriks arms and wraps hers around his neck. “I love you too, so much....” she whispers.

Inside the cabin Star quickly finds the drawings, simple 8x10's done in pencil. The lines have smudged a bit over time and from being at the bottom of all of her other drawings. She hoped the faces were clear enough, she didnt really want to re-do them or even look at them. She pulled out the pictures of the two fae and placed them face down in a folder. The picture of the human she left face down on the trunk.

Erik slowly picks the picture up and looks into the face of the human that attacked Star. He has to choke down his rage, a face making the incident seem all too recent and real. “Can I take this picture? Maybe we can find this one too.”

Star looks puzzled, but nods, not wanting the picture herself. She had drawn them shortly after the rape, thinking it would help the nightmares in some way. Then she had shoved them at the bottom of all her sketches and forgot them until Keon asked about her drawing them.

Once outside Wolf comes running and after greeting Erik he promptly tries to knock Star down and play with her. When they reach the edge of the woods the wolf nuzzles Star and races into the night.

“He is gg...going hunting...”

Erik smiles, “I suppose he told you that.”

“He dd...did. And that he will find you lll...later..”

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