Sunday, January 23, 2011

Star had come down the stairs just in time to see Morgan spew the contents of her mouth in Gareths face. She hesitated at the bottom of the stairs, wanting to go to Erik but not wanting to get any closer to that redheaded fae.

Raina saw her coming down the stairs and noticed her hesitation and look of fear on face, her eyes wide and color suddenly pale. Raina gives Nick a nudge, “Lets walk her over to Erik. That bitch scares the hell out of her...”

“Come with us...” and Raina takes Stars hand and Star smiles gratefully. “She wont bother you with all of us here. And Erik looks like is ready to skewer the bitch already...”

Nick stops at the bar to get a drink and Raina takes Star a little further down to where Erik is sitting. He gets up and lets Star have his seat, leaning over and giving her a slow kiss, knowing that the redhead would fume even more. He grins. "Not to worry, Princess. She'll have to come through me to get to you."

Star smiles at Erik and Monty brings her a glass of wine. “I hope strawberry is all right, we are out of the raspberry..”

“Mmm..its you.”

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