Monday, January 24, 2011

Several hours later and Raina is working on the bottom half of a second bottle. She still looks miserable, she just isnt looking up very often. Her head resting on her hand, elbows on the table, her thoughts rambling and confused.

Erik has kept an eye on her, Star joining him at the bar. Star is worried, she is able to feel Rainas pain and confusion and wants to help her, but isnt sure how. Erik told her they had to stay here to make sure Raina didnt do something stupid. Star didnt mind. She would do anything as long as she got to be near Erik.

Rainas elbow starts to slide, bring her head closer to the table. Suddenly she thumps her head hard on the table. She tries to raise it, gives up, and rests her head on the hard surface.

Cassie has been keeping an eye on her from the bar too. She watched as Erik chased away a couple of guys that thought Raina would be easy to take advantage of in her drunken state. She laughed at the looks on their faces when they saw the big Viking looming over them.

Listening with half an ear, Cassie couldnt concentrate on what the guy sitting next to her was saying. Cassie noticed when Raina looked like she was going to be sick. Her skin went white and she raised her hand to her mouth. Cassie grabs a tray off the bar and makes it to Rainas booth just in time. Monty comes by and takes the tray and gives Cassie a wet rag and a dry one. Cassie gently wipes Rainas face with the wet one while Raina keeps repeating, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry.”

Putting her arms around her Cassie tells her, “Shh, its okay, dont worry about it. We've all been there. Its okay...”

“You're blue....I thought you looked more green before...but you are blue.....are you blue all over?” Raina slurs her words, and her head is pounding but she is still curious about Cassie.

Laughing, Cassie tells her, “Yep, blue all over. Maybe someday I'll show you.”

Raina groans, “Oh great, flirt with me now, when I cant do anything. I probably cant even get my ass up the stairs or outta this booth....” Raina reaches for the half empty bottle, “I might as well finish this...”

Grabbing the bottle Cassie tells her, “I think you've had enough sweetie. No point in trying to drink the bar dry.”

Raina reaches to pull the bottle back and looks up, right into Nicks eyes.... “Well, well....look...the vampire has come up for air. You do breathe, dont ya? I know you dont have a heart. Want a drink? Theres a little left.” Raina throws the bottle at Nick's head.

Without seeming to look, he catches it one-handed and sets it back down on the table. “You're drunk....”

“Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. But you dont have to put up with me, not that you would anyway. I think I am going to bed....thats if I can get out of this booth...” Raina tries to stand while still in front of the table.

Cassie moves out and helps her slide over, “I can take you to your room...”

Nick tries to move in front of Cassie, “I'll take her...”

Raina jerks her arm back when Nick reaches for it. “No, dont touch me, dont talk to me. Go back to your.....your.... whatever the fuck he is to you...” She whispers to Cassie, “Get my brother, please, I dont feel so well....”

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