Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rowan smiled, “Those pesky kids better wait at least another month to put in an appearance. And dinner sounds lovely, thank you.”

As Rowan and Star started to move towards the front door, they had to walk right past Raina and Erik. Star pauses and reaches out a hand, holding it about an inch away from Tiger, letting him sniff. Star smiles and giggles in that strange way she has. Erik was aware of Tiger moving and started to turn to look, when Raina stopped him with a shake of her head. She was practically holding her breath, wondering if this was as close as Star had voluntarily been to a man since whatever it was that happened. Even the phoenix was just looking, not squawking like it usually did when anyone was too close to Erik.

Rowan met Raina's eyes and shrugs her shoulders slightly. “We had better get going Star, its late. Maybe Raina can bring the tiger along with Panther sometime.”

Star looks right at Raina as she nods, “Sure, if its okay with Erik...”

Stars gaze turns to Erik, her eyes gray and serious looking. In a barely audible voice Star says, “Tiger would like that..” and she takes Rowan's hand and turns to go...

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