Monday, January 3, 2011

Rowan sits on the floor next to Alise with a pan containing the cloths and the solution for Alise's back. “This is fine. Hopefully she can just stay sleeping. And no, there is no spell or anything like that on her hip and I see no sign of infection either. The whip cut deep and every time she walks or moves it pulls a bit. Plus, her body is using all its energies on the babies. So, I am not surprised, but worried that as her tummy grows its going to pull more. With any luck we can get it healed better before that happens. I dont want to use a healing spell unless absolutely necessary. I will give this a couple more days and see how it looks.”

She applies the cold compresses to Alise's back and hip as she talks. “I need to talk to you about something. Your brother seemed to think this would be a good idea but I need to know what you think.” And Rowan explains to Stoney her idea for having Star come help her with the delivery. If Alise and her hit it off, maybe Star could stay and help with the babies for awhile. She also filled him in on what she knew about her, which wasnt much, that she thought she was part elf and had been through a similar ordeal to Alise.

“Ob thought since she was part fae she would be afraid of you. She is very shy of men now and rarely speaks, so we would have to see how she reacts.”

Stoney nods, “Alise will need some help, although she would never admit it. I think it is a good idea, as long as she isnt too frightened of me. Maybe they can help each other.”

Rowan finishes with the compresses and Stoney settles next to Alise, his mind gently touching hers and keeping her away from the nightmares that are never far when she sleeps.

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