Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Raina noticed Monty waiting on a guy at the other end, but missed the look on Monty's face when he was noticing the guy's tats. Damn, those runes on his forearms look just like Raina's, and the tiger... and there's a dragon, no, a phoenix, barely peeking up over the guy's shoulder....

When the guy stares back and Monty notices the green eyes, he thinks his own eyes must be playing tricks on him. Moving down the end of the bar, he looks at Raina, looks at the newcomer, looks back at Raina and says, “Hey, do you know that guy?”

Raina looks up at Monty, “What guy? What are you talking about?”

Trying not to point and tilting his head in the direction of the opposite end of the bar, “That guy. His eyes, well, they are exactly like yours, I mean...”

But Raina isnt listening, she stands and moves slowly to the other end of the bar, like one sleepwalking. It cant be him. What are the chances of him walking into this place at the same time I am here? But Tara said more or less that I would see him soon. Of course, soon is pretty relative on the spirit side. As Raina gets closer, the guy never lifts his head from his drink, but the phoenix does, and it screeches a warning.

“I wouldnt get any closer, he isnt fond of strangers.”

Raina stops, her hand over her mouth, tears starting. “By all the gods, Erik, is that you? Is it really you or is this some evil joke Loki is playing on me?”

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