Sunday, January 23, 2011

Raina looks up from speaking with Ob and sees Erik move protectively in front of Star. Then her view is completely obscured by Guunnars body. She sighs, “I'll be back in a minute...” and goes to make sure Guunnar has not scared Star to death.

As she approaches she sees Star smile and point to the big man, Guunnar standing next to Keon trying to appear angelic and succeeding in looking completely comical.

Star smiles at Raina but stays behind Erik. When Keon asks if they can talk, his voice is serious, making Stars eyes shift to brown and ever so slightly red starts to ring the brown. Raina knows the red means she is getting scared and reaches out to take her hand. “Its all right, these are my friends and they wont hurt you.”

Star glances nervously at Keon and back to Raina, touching her ear tips and then pointing to Keons ears.

Nodding, “He is fae and a trusted friend. He wants to help, not harm you in any way...”

Stars eyes fade to yellow, “Ww...why help me?”

Her gaze taking in the three men standing with her and Star, Raina says, “Maybe a private place would be more appropriate for this conversation....”

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