Thursday, January 27, 2011

Raina groans as she hears her phone ringing. Trying hard to open her eyes she reaches for it across Nick and grabs it off the nightstand.


Erik excitedly explains his idea to Raina who is not awake and not quite processing all that he is saying.

“Okay... uummm... let me wake up and get dressed. No, I promise I wont go back to sleep. But you owe me... yeah... Be there in a bit.”

Raina sits up in bed, looks at Nick to her left and then to Gareth on her right. Damn him, this better be important...

She takes a quick shower and dresses. Kissing Nick she pulls Gareth out of bed and shoves some clothes at him. “You can make yourself at home in my room. Nick will have to sleep in his tomb of a room for awhile. I would invite you along but a lot of my day is just gonna be girl stuff...”

Nick smiles, “I like my tomb....”

“You would, freaky vampire that you are.” and Raina pulls Gareth to the door. “Trust me on this, it might be awhile before you want to see him during the day. He looks... well... dead... and its kinda creepy.”

As Raina walks up to the cabin she sees Star racing around with Tiger. I hope she is careful, that cat has to outweigh her by 300 pounds at least...

Star sees Raina and runs to her, giving her a big hug and laughs happily as she says hi. Raina smiles, “Hello to you too lĂ­till systir. Why so happy this morning?”

“I jj....just am. Erik is inside...”

Raina follows Star inside the cabin and notices the looks exchanged between the two. Her glance takes in the quilts on the floor by the fire and she smiles at Erik, No wonder she is so happy...

“Okay, I am pretty sure you didnt get me outta bed to share your uumm... happiness... So what is this idea that couldnt wait until a more civilized hour? And dont you have some coffee or something?”

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