Sunday, January 23, 2011

Raina approaches the table and greets Keon, then fills him in on the evening's happenings. “That redheaded bitch is beyond evil and hateful. I hope she stays away now. Star is scared to death of her and it looks like she has really messed up that guy who was hanging around with her.”

In a lowered voice Raina fills Keon in on what her and Erik found in Stars cabin and that they were awaiting word from a contact of Mortuis' about it. “I dont know if it will help much, but Erik is determined to find out who abused Star. The ring is quite large so we know it isnt hers.”

At this point Gunnaar runs his hand up and down her back, “You know I vil help if I can..”

Almost to herself Raina says, “I wonder if she can draw a picture of them....”

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