Monday, January 3, 2011

Panther hurries through the night, almost blending in with the darkness. When she runs through Mortuis' shields all she notices is a feeling similar to static electricity running across her fur. When she reaches the cottage she sniffs her way around the building, making sure all the scents are familiar. Her scratch at the door brings a sylph that lets her in.

She sees Stoney and Alise near the fire and she goes to them, rubbing against Alise and then Stoneys outstretched hand.

Alise had taken her dress off, her skin warm from the fire, and was fast asleep.

Stoney scratches the big head, “*Bonjour panthère. Comment allez-vous ? Chassant"

Panther purrs, enjoying the attention. She settles in next to Alise. She stays alert and watching. Her mistress had commanded her to watch over this human. She could sense the little ones, the humans scent had changed slightly. She looks around the room, knowing that her mistress sees what she does and will come if there's any need.

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