Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pandora finished her meal,feeling refreshed and ready to face the evening ahead. She was pleased that Ob was so protective; but she was not a rare orchid... she wanted to be in the thick of things.

Pandora undressed and turned on the shower... she paused and laid her hands on her stomach, Chloe rolled... as if getting closer to her mother's hands. Pandora hummed a small song and stepped in to bathe... she felt as if Chloe was listening; there was such a stillness, as if she lay still for mama's song.  When she dressed she stood looking out the terrace doors at the snow coming down gently... opening them she stepped out into the stillness that snow brought when it blanketed the earth... her heart sang; it was so beautiful. Out of nowhere she felt another rush of happiness, but it was different; not exactly hers... she realized it was Chloe... her daughter was bringing her feelings to her mother as well as Obsidian. She could not wait to tell Obsidian that Chloe was linked to them both.

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