Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ob has Pandora ensconced on her favorite couch. He tells his sisters that he wants her where he can see her at all times. Tori does some last minute checks while Ike helps Monty bring Pandora what Ob has ordered. She eyes the salsa and spicy chicken, wondering what in the world is going through her brother's head.

Alise gets comfortable beside Pandora, taking her hand.  They settle back, laughing and chatting as the band kicks into gear. Somewhere along the line, a small table has been set up and crackers, assorted cheeses, and more salsa has made an appearance. Tables have been drawn close and their usual crowd has settled in.

The final song ends with a flourish and a crash as a part of a stick slams into the cymbal. There is general laughter and Stoney heads up the stairs to the equipment room for another set.

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