Monday, January 3, 2011

Keon's message was worrisome, he would not mention the woman if he didn't anticipate trouble... and Faes did have a reputation. Pandora at least knew she would be easy to track with her fiery hair... and temper. She would have Monty and Jeb keep an eye on her actions and friends if she showed up again. She would tell Ob about it after the crowd around them thinned a little.

He was a celebrity of sorts in his dragon guise, and if it weren't for his inability to leave it, he would have enjoyed the night's fancy. Pandora was relieved when she had realized the grumbling he made was laughter... and he had relaxed the rest of the evening, although she was amazed at the amount of liquid he consumed in his dragon guise... he could have quite a hangover if he changed back by morning.

Obsidian's revelation to her of his whole name was the closest she had ever felt to him, trust of that sort was to be treasured... and she clung to him all evening, even though he was far from comfortable with the thick scaly protrusions on parts of his body. Keon's cloak was a blessing to her softer body parts....

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