Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I will stay here Chiot, I promise. I wont even go to the bathroom alone....

Suddenly Alise leans forward, a sharp pain gathering in her lower abdomen. It almost takes her breath away but she tries to disguise it by coughing. Rowan had explained to her that false labor pains could occur a few weeks before and happen intermittently until real labor started. Alise knew Stoney was already worried and wanted to spare him any more upset.

Stoney lifts her easily in his arms, “*Sil vous plais,Treager, pouvez-vous obtenir Rowan ou Raina pour venir en haut ? Je prends Alise à notre pièce…

Alise squirms in his arms and touches her mind to his, Chiot, please, it is nothiing. A false pain, nothing more. We are fine, really. It is just something that happens...

But Stoney carries her up the stairs to their room anyway with Alise protesting the entire way. Chiot, why are you so worried? Is there something you arent telling me? All Alise can feel from his mind is a litany of its time, its time, its time... and he can feel pressure on the little ones..
Sighing, Alise gives up. Raina or Rowan will have to talk to him, he will not listen to me...

Stoney lays her on the bed, and Alise promptly sits up. “I cannot lay on my back and I feel fine now. Here, sit next to me.” and she pulls him down next to her and puts one of his big hands on her belly. “See...we are fine. Rowan says when this happens its just my body practicing for the real thing.”

They both look up to see Raina standing in the doorway. “Isnt that right ma souer? Please tell him, he will not listen to me.”

Raina nods and sits on the other side of Alise. She lays a hand on her belly and asks “Just the one pain?”

“Yes, just one. It hurt like hell, but just for a minute...and now nothing.”

Looking over to Stoney, Raina asks, “Is that what you felt too?”

It takes a few seconds for Rainas question to register with Alise. She looks from one to the other, “What do you mean by that? Why would he feel it too?” Alise loses her patience and stomps her foot. “Stoney, please explain this to me, I do not understand.”

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