Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I sit in the eaves of the Tavern, watching Traeger's door. The Adhene has taken a spot across the street where he can watch the alley and the back lots. No word has come of any other sword being taken, so I trust my Kin's words. This is where we need to be. Josephito is the next target.

But what does Traeger have to do with the prophesy... The Maker of Blades... a thought crosses my mind. Allah's Light is now a part of Ob. Would a human be fooled by a human wrought blade and a bit of Witch Magic? I have seen the blade he made for Ob, I also know he has seen Allah's Light, and what it can do in Ob's hand.

I vow to speak to the Witch about it, when I see the brilliant sheen of fae red. I have an urge to gut her before she enters the tavern, but I have nothing besides my instincts to go on. I don't like her, and I wonder if Keon knows who she is, or what.

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