Sunday, January 9, 2011

I feel my eyes go icy. "I think I know what that means." Thor, just give me ten minutes with the bastard - or bastards - who hurt her.

I've lived a rough life, mixed with rough people, done things I didn't always want to do. But I've never hurt a woman who wasn't trying to hurt me first. I've gone out of my way to protect women, putting myself in danger and getting hurt sometimes for someone I didn't know.

I'm not noble or anything. Our people prize courage and are contemptuous of cowardice - and one who'd make war on a woman is a coward, pure and simple.

Nick's cool hand comes down on mine. "Easy, bro. It happened a while back; I don't think it's possible to track the people who did it, at least not until she starts talking again." His eyes are smiling, just a bit. Looks like we share something besides Raina.

I feel a soft thrumming vibration on my upper arm and realize that Tiger is purring. I look up in time to see Star peeking around Rowan, her eyes that apricot color Raina mentioned. She holds my gaze for a couple of seconds before ducking back behind the wise woman.

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