Friday, January 7, 2011

Gunnaar steps from the shadows. He strides out of the shadows, followed by a smaller man who slips off a cloak. Guunnar points out the hooks along the wall and gets a mug of meade from Monty and tugs Raina's long hair.

"Hallo Smuk Arrestordre. Der hvor er Nikolas?"

She points up the stairs and Guunnar nods.

"Indkobe jer begge to en afrundet, mig omga's, hvor han kommer nede, Ja?"

He tells Monty to bring over a beer for the Gargoyle when he can and ushers the smaller man to the tables. In moments, they pull together several tables. Keon arrives next, calling for a glass of wine for A'eule and whiskey for himself. He waves to Raina and seats the woman with him at the head of the table. Keon gently lays the bundle he is carrying on the table top and takes a seat to her left. She pats his cheek and he grins, then raises her hand to his lips, kissing them.

Guunnar's voice rings out, calling to Ramji and Brigit as they step through the shadows escorting more of Stoney's Kin. Soon the table is full and Shifters begin to show up. Guunnar joins Tori at the stage and gives her a note from the group. She laughs and tells him they will check over the music, see if it is in the mix. The woman nods in her direction, then turns to answer a question from someone at the table.

*Hello Beautiful Warrior. Where is Nikolas?

*Buy you both a round, my treat, when he comes down. Yes?

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