Monday, January 3, 2011

As soon as they land Alise heads right to the water, kicking off her sandals and lifting her skirt so it doesnt get wet. Stoney is right behind her, “Allie, non, Rowan said not yet..”

She sighs, “I know, but it cant hurt to get my feet wet. I really wanted to go swimming... and all this sand, I wont be able to lay on my back here....” she gives Stoney a wicked grin as he pulls her out of the water and into his arms. “You wont need to.” Kissing her deeply Stoney backs away from the water. Tugging at her dress he tells her, “Take this off, I want to see your body in the moonlight.”

Stoney shrugs out of his clothes and sits on the sand to watch Alise. She throws the dress to one side, slips out of her panties and reaches up to take the braid out, her hair tumbles all around her and Stoney gasps, just the sight making him hard and ready for her. His eyes never leave her as she walks to him and kneels between his legs, taking his hardness into her mouth and sucking gently.

Stoney grabs her hair and pulls her up to his face, kissing her, “No teasing, not tonight. Ride me Chaton.”

She lowers her body, impaling herself on his shaft and starts to move slowly. Their lovemaking is different tonight, slower, gentler. Both keenly aware that life can change in an instant and grateful to be together.

Stoney struggles to hold back, wanting to see the pleasure on Alises face when she climaxes. She starts to moan, her pussy tightens around him, and Stoney sits up, driving himself deeper into her. Taking a nipple into his mouth is more than she can take and she explodes, wrapping her arms around Stoneys neck, her entire body shakes with their passion. Two more strokes and Stoney cums, filling her with his release, groaning into her hair. “Je taime, mon Allie, je taime....

After a few minutes, Stoney spreads his shirt out so Alise can lay on her side next to him. She snuggles close to him and they whisper and tease each other. Stoney telling her she is getting a belly already.

Alise laughs and swats at him, “No I am not, you are fibbing.” and she rolls gently to her back to look at her tummy.

Stoney rolls to one side to get a better look, her body bathed in moonlight. He notices that her breasts seem fuller, the nipples a shade darker pink than before. Her belly has a gentle swell to it that was not there before.

“See, it is bigger. Ob says the babies grow quickly, so you will get bigger more quickly too, faster than humans. It might be more uncomfortable for you....”

“It will be fine, Remi, I am not worried. I just dont want to be big as house for our binding. And I am more afraid of actually having them than any aches or pains involved with carrying them.” Alise sees the worry in Stoneys mind, “You will be a wonderful father, I have no doubt. I knew this a long time ago. And women give birth all the time. There would not be so many people if it were unbearable.”

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