Monday, January 3, 2011

As Monty pours the wine for the Fae, Keon watches from where he is teasing a pretty young were. His attention is caught by flaming red hair, and the hunting stance Ramji has assumed at the jukebox. Monty catches his eye and Keon nods. Jeb has walked by the woman twice already, alerting Keon to his own awareness. Monty touches the weapons shelf, nulling the spell. The Riders can call their weapons if needed.

Keon rises slowly, kissing the hand of the little were, and begins to move through the tables to Ramji. The Rider looks at Keon, raising a brow. "She hasn't tagged you yet, has she?" Keon shakes his head. He has been a Rider so long, it might override the scent of Fae.

As he watches her rise and leave, his mind drifting back over the courts and who would have hair like that. His attention is brought abruptly back by the scent of Daemon and the flash of power as Riders call their weapons. His own blades appear and he steps forward as people scramble put of the way. Keon positions himself at the end of the booths. There was no way the Daemon was approaching Alise and her babes.

Pandora emerges from the hallway, her hand wrapped around a clawed finger of the Daemon. Keon breathes deeply, scenting Ob beneath the eldritch scent. he looks up at the ice blue eyes and begins to laugh. People stare at him, the Riders stepping forward to close ranks. Keon waves them away and falls to his knees laughing. With a wave of his hand, his blades are gone, returned to the shelf behind the bar. The other Riders follow suit.

Ike's voice echoes in the silence. "Well big brother... you sure know how to make an entrance. Is this your costume for the Halloween Party?"

He growls at her and looks at Stoney. His brother is laughing so hard, Alise giggling, holding onto her stomach. Tori turns from her computer, grinning. "Damn! I never knew we could play Dungeons and Dragons for real! You been holding out on us Bro." stifling her laughter she looks around the Tavern. "Okay... so change back and let's get back to rocking the house."

Ob dips his head, looking at the floor. "I can't."

Laughter erupts, loud and raucous.

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