Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alise was startled to see the wolf on Eriks chest. She leaned into Raina, “Mon Dieu, he is not going to let that go, is he?”

Raina wraps an arm around Alise, “No, we talked and he understands. The wolf wont hurt you though, you really dont have to be afraid of it.”

Nodding, Alise swallows hard, not wanting to scare Star. She knows Erik is very attracted to her and this is as close as Star has gotten to him.

Suddenly Star looks at Alise and asks, “Afraid? Why?”

Alise shrugs, “It is a long story and I will tell you sometime when we have time to speak of such things. Not today, I dont want to talk about sad things today.”

Star smiles and nods, and sits on the ground near Alise. The big cats return from their run and stretch out in the sun next to Star. Visiting and enjoying the warm autumn afternoon the friends soon lose track of time until Rowan appears to take Star home.

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