Thursday, October 15, 2015

Raina leans close to Nick, “Just reply to her in whatever language she is speaking, if you know it. Although I think she can just move from one to the other without any difficulty...” She turns to Gracie, “Isnt þessi réttur lítill einn?*”

Gracie nods and giggles, then asks “Er minn föðurbróðir tilkoma til sjá hvar okkar nýr skóli vilja vera?**”

“He has to work, but maybe later....Come here and give me a hug...”

“All right...” Gracie wiggles out of Ramjis arms and runs to Raina who scoops her up in a bear hug.

“Merci.....Je t'aime Gracie..”

“Je t'aime Tante Raina..” and Gracie was flying across the yard to see what her siblings were doing.

Keon shakes his head. “Tis a rare gift she has..” He turns to Laila, “Have ya been tapin' her?”

Grinning Laila replies. “Yes. And its always just like today. You cant trip her up no matter how hard you try. She can move from one language to another with skipping a beat. She even tries to talk to the kittens..and I am not so sure that they dont understand her too..”

Raina seems deep in thought when Star hands Ruarc to her. His happy squeals of “Ray Ray” make everyone laugh. Raina holds him close and steps a little away from the group. Nick follows, seeing the concern in her eyes.

“Whats up Rain?” he asks.

“I cant quite put my finger on it... But do you ever wonder about that damn prophecy? Even if you dont believe, just think for a minute... Its almost like we are all chess pieces, being lined up and put in place. Me finding my brothers, here of all places after searching the entire world....all the kids have different talents, gifts if you will, that would help the Warrior. Gracie and this language thing, Tomas and Chloe flying, Mera can swim forever...” She looks to Tara, sitting near her father, “And that one is more than an empath. She sees things the rest of us cant, I would bet my life on it... Were we all brought here for the sole purpose of helping this little guy?” Raina nuzzles a soft cheek, wishing with all her soul that she was wrong, that it was just some strange group of circumstances playing itself out, but she knew in her heart it wasnt.

Nick reaches out and pulls Raina close. “I dont know. I dont know about any of it. I do know I love you, and nothing is going to hurt you or those you love without going through me first.”

* Isnt that right, Little One?

** Is my uncle coming to see where our new school will be?

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